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Train With Stryd

Stryd comes with built-in personalized training plans, from 5k to triathlon. You get faster when you follow a plan.

Rich ecosystem support

Garmin Forerunner FR230, FR235, FR310XT, FR630, FR910XT, FR920XT, FR735XT
Garmin Fenix Fenix 2, Fenix 3, Fenix 3 HR
Garmin Vivoactive Vivoactive, Vivoactive HR
Suunto Ambit Ambit2, Ambit2S, Ambit3, Ambit3 Sport, Ambit3 Peak, Ambit3 Vertical
Suunto Spartan Suunto Spartan, Suunto Spartan Ultra
Smartphones Android 4.4+, iOS 8+

Stryd Community

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Steve Mantell

Kona Podium Finisher

Running with power from Stryd allows me to see how my effort increased to keep a similar pace. I am able to hold pretty steady throughout my workouts and finish strong.

Bobby McGee

Olympic coach

The holy grail in running has been to discover such a factor – measuring power in running as a unit.

Bryan Hassin

Short Distance

Try out modifications to your running form and see in real-time how they affect your power output. THIS. IS. HUGE.

Gui Campos


It's also a great oportunity to work on your form using Stryd to "play" with your technique a bit! Give it a go and use Stryd to check how efficient you are!

Rachel Zambrano

Endurance Coach

I paced by power - numbers I trained with and expected to see, and had near perfect mile splits. And as a result, I never hit the wall.

Bud Talbot

Trail Runner

Stryd has become a key part of my training, perhaps the central part. Running with power has helped me to know myself better as a runner, and to set and train towards appropriate goals.

Akio Yamauchi

Kona Qualifier

Thanks to Stryd’s pacing help, I earned the Kona slot!

Andy Reed

The king of the mountain

Running with Stryd helped me to keep my early efforts in check, and as a result, I was still running strong late in the race.

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