You will be the envy of all the runners you pass in your next race when you surge by them late with beautiful and effortless running form — each and every time with “perfect pacing.”

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Running consistently while aligned with your threshold is the secret to reaching your new personal record.

Stryd measures your running power. Power accounts for your speed, terrain change, form, and fatigue, so you can conquer any race course in real time — from 5K to marathon to triathlon — and amaze even the locals at how well you ran the route.

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What Stryd Users are Saying

"Stryd is an invaluable tool..."

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I paced Challenge Almere with Stryd and took the title for my age group M30-34. I ran faster than three of the professionals that finished ahead of me and fourteen minutes faster than the next guy in my age group. Stryd is an invaluable tool for pacing, especially when running off the bike.

"I was able to finish really strong."

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During my last half-marathon, I used Stryd to closely monitor my power as the race progressed. I found that because I remained under my target power, I was able to negative split the back half of the marathon and finish really strong. Normally when I race, I find it very difficult to maintain my race pace during the third quarter of the race, and because I relied on the wattage number I knew my body was capable of sustaining, I was able to have a great race.

"I set a new PR with Stryd."

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While I'm a big fan of the finer details the STRYD picks up for training purposes, I finally had the opportunity to utilize it as a pacing device for a marathon. By knowing what power I should target over the duration I was able to PR the Nashville Marathon this past weekend in hot and humid conditions. Game changer for long course racing in my opinion.


Racing with STRYD

FeatureHow It WorksMetrics
Get a new PRYou get a single power target to follow during your race. Follow this power target and you will run faster than ever.Power, Pace, Distance
Peak for race dayPeak at the right time. You put the work in. Now, you should recover the right amount so you are ready for race day.Run Stress Score
Compare against the worldCompare against anyone with Power. Power directly measures your work so you can compare against your friends and the global Stryd community.Power

Injury-free Training

Stryd comes with built-in personalized training plans, from 5k to triathlon.

Stryd Community

Bud Talbot

Trail Runner & Educator

Stryd has become a key part of my training, perhaps the central part. Running with power has helped me to know myself better as a runner, and to set and train towards appropriate goals.

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Mikko Lehmuskoski


A recreational triathlete/runner, who trains himself and reads a bit of training, can benefit a lot from using Stryd. I am also overwhelmed with the enthusiasm and responsiveness of the Stryd team.

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Rachel Zambrano

Endurance Coach & Firefighter

I paced by power - numbers I trained with and expected to see, and had near perfect mile splits. And as a result, I never hit the wall.

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Bryan Hassin

Short Distance

Try out modifications to your running form and see in real-time how they affect your power output. THIS. IS. HUGE.

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Gui Campos

International Triathlete

It's also a great oportunity to work on your form using Stryd to "play" with your technique a bit! Give it a go and use Stryd to check how efficient you are!

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Andy Reed

The King of the Mountain

Running with Stryd helped me to keep my early efforts in check, and as a result, I was still running strong late in the race.

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