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Stryd is the world's first wearable power meter for running.
Power is the direct measure of your work. Using power, Stryd monitors your running intensity, mechanics, and efficiency, quantifies your running capabilities, guides you to train purposefully, run efficiently, and race faster.

Power quantifies your work over time. It also provides insight into the metabolic energy consumption of your movement. For decades, power has been the gold standard training tool in the cycling world. In running, by also characterizing biomechanics, power provides insights that go far beyond what you get from either a heart rate monitor or a stopwatch.

Run Faster

Power delivers an objective and repeatable assessment of overall fitness without any of the drawbacks of heart rate, speed, or perceived exertion. It boosts your training specificity, improves your running technique, predicts your fitness plateau, enables better recovery, and leads you to the most efficient fitness improvements.

Run Longer

Power quantifies your training based on the intensity and duration of your runs. Use this knowledge to understand your body’s adaptations and to develop your muscle endurance. You learn to take your long runs step-by-step so you never push the envelope too early or too fast. This prevents injury, so you never quit before reaching your goal.

Run Efficiently

Running efficiency is the energy demand for a given velocity of running and it is measured directly through Power. Stryd quantifies your total energy demand and also the energy that you recycle due to your form, muscle control, strength and condition. Follow the prescribed workouts, plyometrics, drills and weight training, and you can run faster with less power to go farther!

The Ultimate Running Tool

Train Smarter

Every run leads to improvement. Identify your strengths and improve your limitations. Quantify your training and track your progress day-by-day.

Race Faster

Race with poise and confidence using Stryd-optimized pacing and set a new personal record on race day.

Train Smarter

Your performance rests upon three essential components: metabolic fitness, muscle efficiency and muscle endurance.

Power quantifies your performance both metabolically and biomechanically. By leveraging power, Stryd identifies your room for improvement, prescribes personalized workouts and drills that compliment your current training, and monitors the intensity of your training each and every day.

Race Faster

Fast and steady wins the race! Stryd analyzes your training to project your optimal power for every race. On race day, use Stryd to execute an optimal strategy for a consistent power level and a stronger finish than ever.

Train With STRYD

Stryd comes with built-in personalized training plans, from 5k to triathlon. You get faster when you follow a plan.

Stryd Community

Craig Alexander

Five-Time World Champion

"Power is the direct measure of running efficiency."

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Frank Jakobsen

ITU AG World Champion Coach

"Run efficiency -- that is where the power meter comes in, both in training, and also in analysis."

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Bobby McGee

Eight-Time Olympic Running Coach

"A big engine does not equal performance. There are systems at play not measureable by anything other than power."

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Bud Talbot

Trail Runner & Educator

Stryd has become a key part of my training, perhaps the central part. Running with power has helped me to know myself better as a runner, and to set and train towards appropriate goals.

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Mikko Lehmuskoski


A recreational triathlete/runner, who trains himself and reads a bit of training, can benefit a lot from using Stryd. I am also overwhelmed with the enthusiasm and responsiveness of the Stryd team.

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Rachel Zambrano

Endurance Coach & Firefighter

I paced by power - numbers I trained with and expected to see, and had near perfect mile splits. And as a result, I never hit the wall.

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Bryan Hassin

Short Distance

Try out modifications to your running form and see in real-time how they affect your power output. THIS. IS. HUGE.

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Gui Campos

International Triathlete

It's also a great oportunity to work on your form using Stryd to "play" with your technique a bit! Give it a go and use Stryd to check how efficient you are!

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Andy Reed

The King of the Mountain

Running with Stryd helped me to keep my early efforts in check, and as a result, I was still running strong late in the race.

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