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A coach by your side

Stryd comes with built-in personalized training plans, from 5k to triathlon.


Half Marathon

Half Ironman




Rich ecosystem support

Garmin Forerunner FR10, FR15, FR225, FR230, FR235, FR620, FR630, FR920XT, FR735XT
Garmin Fenix Fenix 2, Fenix 3, Fenix 3 HR
Garmin Vivoactive Vivoactive, Vivoactive HR
Suunto Ambit Ambit 2, Ambit 2S, Ambit 3, Ambit 3S, Ambit 3 Peak, Ambit 3 Vertical
Suunto Spartan Suunto Spartan, Suunto Spartan Ultra
Smartphones Android 4.4+, iOS 8+

Stryd Community

Steve Mantell

Kona Podium Finisher

Running with power from Stryd allows me to see how my effort increased to keep a similar pace. I am able to hold pretty steady throughout my workouts and finish strong.

Bobby McGee

Olympic coach

The holy grail in running has been to discover such a factor – measuring power in running as a unit.

Bryan Hassin

Short Distance

Try out modifications to your running form and see in real-time how they affect your power output. THIS. IS. HUGE.

Gui Campos


It's also a great oportunity to work on your form using Stryd to "play" with your technique a bit! Give it a go and use Stryd to check how efficient you are!

Rachel Zambrano

Endurance Coach

I paced by power - numbers I trained with and expected to see, and had near perfect mile splits. And as a result, I never hit the wall.

Bud Talbot

Trail Runner

Stryd has become a key part of my training, perhaps the central part. Running with power has helped me to know myself better as a runner, and to set and train towards appropriate goals.

Akio Yamauchi

Kona Qualifier

Thanks to Stryd’s pacing help, I earned the Kona slot!

Andy Reed

The king of the mountain

Running with Stryd helped me to keep my early efforts in check, and as a result, I was still running strong late in the race.

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