"The power meter is the next evolution for running."

- Craig Alexander, Five-Time World Champion

"The power meter changed the way cyclists train. It will do the same thing for running."

- Allen Lim, Pioneer in Power-based Cycling Training

"Training with power has been the key to my cycling success. To have that in running is a total game changer."

- Mary Beth Ellis, Eight-Time Ironman Champion

"It looks like the future has arrived. A power meter for runners will advance training methods by decades."

- Dirk Friel, Co-Founder of TrainingPeaks

"The holy grail in running has been to discover such a factor – measuring power in running as a unit."

- Bobby McGee, Eight-Time Olympic Running Coach

"After using Stryd during biomechanics testing and monitoring, the Red Bull High Performance Team realize that Stryd will open new lenses to which, we will be able to analyze the efficiencies of locomotion in humans"

- Per Lundstam, Red Bull High Performance Manager

Meet Stryd
World's first power meter for running
  • Power Data
    Get consistent, reliable information on effort in any conditions, using the devices you train with today.
  • Personalized Power Zones
    Perfect pacing for every run – from easy jogs to interval sets to races – based on your fitness level.
  • Simple Design. Long Life
    Snap Stryd on and go. It's always on, always out of the way, and its patent-pending design gets a year of life out of its easy-to-replace battery.
  • Run Form Feedback
    Get audio and post-workout feedback on run form, including cadence, impact, and other key elements of efficient running.
  • Post-Workout Analysis
    Log every workout, evaluate your performance, and track progress to your goals.
  • Wireless Device Syncing
    Sync automatically to leading sports watches, mobile devices, and computers.
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Get synced up and go
Stryd is simple to use, just snap it on – and go. Stryd syncs automatically with all the devices and applications you use in training today. It interacts with your sports watches, mobile devices, computers, and coaching software.
Know Your Body, Improve Your Form
Using power as a baseline, Stryd gives you a better picture of your overall run form.
It gets to know you. It helps you improve the key elements of running form. And, when you’re running poorly or getting fatigued, it alerts you so you don’t get injured.
Perfect pace, perfect race
Power is the only number you need to pace yourself to a new PR at any distance.
Power is consistent and reliable. It doesn’t vary with conditions. Hilly course? No problem, Stryd has you covered.
Power is a better measurement of performance. And better measurement leads to better results.
A Coach By Your Side
Learn the basics of training with power, including how to set your zones, track progress and race pacing.
Get structured coaching programs from the pros to pace you to your personal best at any race distance.
Give your coach access to your power data in real time for real-time, in-workout coaching.
Repetitive Training291+ Watts6 min/mile
Interval Training251 - 290 Watts8 min/mile
Threshold Running211 - 250 Watts9 min/mile
Marathon-pace Running151 - 210 Watts10 min/mile
Easy Running0 - 150 Watts12 min/mile
Track success, share with friends
Log every workout on StrydConnect – or on dozens of the software programs you use today.
Set a baseline on day one and watch your progress through every workout and every race.
Set and achieve personal goals – and overcome your barriers.
Share your workouts with friends and compare yourself to runners everywhere.
Featured Partners
Stryd Technology
Stryd uses revolutionary sensing technologies to measure a runner’s movement
through 3D space and track the environmental conditions of the run.

From that, it gives runners an accurate, real-time power number.