Race cancelled? You can still keep your racing edge.

Stryd Next Gen: Perfect pacing in imperfect running conditions.

Stryd power accounts for your speed, slope, run form, fatigue, and wind, to deliver perfect pacing.

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See how Stryd is used

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" It's one of the few devices that I would replace unhesitatingly if I lost it. "

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" I have found it very valuable in my own pacing and it has just been fun. "

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" We like the simple number (power) that shows how hard you're working. "

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" The real payoff comes in long-distance events. "

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" A power meter can help you establish and maintain the correct pace, even on courses where establishing the right rhythm is difficult. "

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" Power gives me actionable data that I can use to improve my running form and performance — without guesswork. "

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What does a run with power look like?

Your power number, displayed on your watch, helps you run at the right intensity for intervals, easy runs, and on race day. Real time feedback helps you adjust your pacing strategy. Stryd factors in hills, fatigue, running form, and windy conditions to comprehensively pace you.

Power reflects your intensity and effort by quantifying speed, form, elevation change and wind resistance as a single number in real-time.

It’s simple. Run by a power number that reflects your intended intensity. As elevation and pace change, power keeps your effort even.

Because power is real-time you don’t have to wait for your heart rate to know you’re going too hard.

By running at a targeted power number, you give yourself the best chance at building fitness in training and turning that into excellent performances on race day.