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Train With Stryd

Stryd comes with built-in personalized training plans, from 5k to triathlon. You get faster when you follow a plan.

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Rich ecosystem support

Garmin Forerunner FR230, FR235, FR310XT, FR630, FR910XT, FR920XT, FR735XT
Garmin Fenix Fenix 2, Fenix 3, Fenix 3 HR
Garmin Vivoactive Vivoactive, Vivoactive HR
Suunto Ambit Ambit2, Ambit2S, Ambit3 Sport, Ambit3 Peak, Ambit3 Vertical
Suunto Spartan Suunto Spartan, Suunto Spartan Ultra
Smartphones Android 4.4+, iOS 9.3+
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In the book

The Secret of Running

By Hans van Dijk and Ron van Megen

Publication Date: May 1, 2017

ISBNs: 9781782551096

About the Book
How much power does your human engine have? How much power do you need for running in different conditions? How can you optimize your training and racing performance? How can you use power meters to improve your results? What are the ultimate limits of human performance? The Secret of Running answers all of these questions. All factors determining the performance in running (from 800-meter race to marathon) are explained step by step: training, nutrition, body weight, running form, wind, hills, temperature, running gear, power meters and much more.

Run With Power

By Jim Vance

Publication Date: May 1, 2016

ISBNs: 1937715434

About the Book
RUN WITH POWER is the groundbreaking guide you need to tap the true potential of your running power meter. From 5K to ultramarathon, a power meter can make you faster—but only if you know how to use it. Just viewing your numbers is not enough; you can only become a faster, stronger, more efficient runner when you know what your key numbers mean for your workouts, races, and your season-long training. In Run with Power, TrainingBible coach Jim Vance offers the comprehensive guide you need to find the speed you want.

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