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Find your
sweet spot.

Stryd delivers daily pacing, training, and racing guidance so you train at the perfect performance-enhancing intensity for every run.

It starts with precision technology.

To help you become a better runner, we need to learn about you. We learn about your running skills and ability using precision motion-capture technology called Stryd. Stryd clips on to your shoe to measure your run. At 8 grams, you won’t even notice it is there.

"It's one of the few devices that I would replace unhesitatingly if I lost it."
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"I have found it very valuable in my own pacing and it has just been fun."
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"We like the simple number (power) that shows how hard you're working."
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"The real payoff comes in long-distance events."
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"A power meter can help you establish and maintain the correct pace, even on courses where establishing the right rhythm is difficult."
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"Power gives me actionable data that I can use to improve my running form and performance — without guesswork."
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Start your running power journey in seconds.

Stryd clips on to your shoe in seconds & instantly begins capturing every stride of your run with laboratory precision to determine running power.

Power will work for every run in every possible running condition.

Power-based running accounts for your speed, slope, run form, fatigue, and wind, to deliver perfect, precise, and painless pacing.

Add Stryd to upgrade your watch.

Stryd’s compatibility with all the major watch brands means you can have the most responsive pace and accurate distance available + power for training and racing at just the right intensity.

A power plan based on your running style and goals.

Choose a training goal, and have a daily power plan delivered to your wrist. Run smart with a plan that adapts with your progress and see your estimated time update as you progress.

*part of Stryd membership, free until mid 2021

Training is precise when you receive guidance.

Following your power target in real time allows you to perfectly achieve the right intensity for each part of your workout. You can be sure that you are following your plan.

*Structured training available on Apple and Garmin Watch with Stryd membership

Stryd +

Stryd is compatible with all Connect IQ-enabled Garmin Watches providing superior pace and distance + the ability to do guided, structured workouts via the Stryd Workout App.

Stryd +
Apple Watch

Apple watch delivers an easy workout experience directly to your wrist. Enjoy your run with alerts that lead you through each step of your workout.

Early Access Black Friday

Get Stryd at our best price this year with our early access Black Friday deal.

Power plans personalized after every run.

Stryd identifies when you have improved and adjusts your training plan to adapt to your changing fitness. You’ll know what to target at the start of each run.

Near-painless training is guaranteed.

With power-based training, you never exceed your max training load. You always run meaningful miles without unnecessarily pushing yourself too hard, while still receiving maximal benefits from your training.

Time trial or race with power-based pacing.

Stryd helps you build a full season’s plan so that you can peak for every B-race, A-race, and time trial. Power-based racing means you are pushed to your limit, smartly. You don’t over-run your capability or cave-in during a race because you know what you are capable of.


Stryd membership

Enjoy complete and free access to Stryd’s training plans and training analysis tools until mid 2021 when you buy today.

Run your next difference-making workout.

Stryd’s training plans introduce you to power, making it easy to use and understand, while helping you achieve the perfect workout each time you go out the door.

*part of Stryd membership, free until mid 2021

Did you accomplish what you set out for?

The Stryd app makes it quick to see if you achieved your goals for a run, and where you fell short. Easily compare splits to see where you can improve next time.

*part of Stryd membership, free until mid 2021

Discover key trends across the last 90 days.

Discover the key patterns that are boosting your fitness — and correct the ones that are holding you back. Take next season further with a PR from this season’s learning.

*part of Stryd membership, free until mid 2021

30 Day Guarantee

We're so confident that you'll smash your next PR using our training plan that we'll give you 30 Days Guaranteed! If you aren't satisfied, no problem. You can return it for a full refund.

How will you PR this year?

Stryd’s training plans and tools to analyze your run will give you the flawless race buildup that you've always dreamed of.

This is just the start of your power-based running journey.

The first race or time trial result gives Stryd near-perfect knowledge of your capabilities so that the next training cycle is even better.

Ready to learn more about power?

What do you receive with your purchase of Stryd?

You receive a Stryd power pod and free preview to the new Stryd membership for the first half of 2021. With the extended preview period of the Stryd membership, this is the best offer we have ever had on Stryd.

How long do I receive free preview access to the Stryd membership

Stryd membership is a new addition to Stryd that offers the most structured, most comprehensive, and most personalized run training experience ever created from a wearable device. All Stryd owners are receiving an extended free preview of these new features for the first half of 2021.

What sport watches are compatible with Stryd?

Stryd has compatibility with all major sports watches brands including: Apple Watch, Garmin, Polar, Coros, and Suunto watches.

What training platforms are compatible with Stryd?

Stryd’s data integrates and auto-sync with many popular training platforms such as TrainingPeaks, FinalSurge, Zwift, WKO, Today’s Plan, iSmoothRun, SmashRun, Xhale, Golden Cheetah, SportsTracks, 2PEAK and more.

Should I use Stryd if I already have a running coach?

Stryd’s power metric can be a huge help to you and your coach. Power is a lot like heart rate and pace, because it helps you show your coach how your run went. Power is a superior method of pacing compared to using speed or heart rate as power comprehensively considers the effort you are outputting in almost any running conditions, is consistent on a day-to-day basis, and is responsive to real time changes in effort. Power can help make your coach’s training and recommendations more useful and meaningful!

How else can you improve with Stryd?