Innovative training features
that will be an invaluable part
of your daily analysis routine

Stryd delivers comprehensive recovery, performance prediction, and skill breakdowns that make your data analysis insightful and fast.

Balance stress & rest
so you stay in the
training sweet spot.

Running Stress Balance warns you when you enter overtraining or undertraining zones so that you can stay in the training sweet spot.

Keep a record of
when and how much
your overall fitness

Critical Power is the single value that determines your race time from 5K to Marathon. If you improve your Critical Power, you universally improve your 5K to Marathon capability. We track when and how much your Critical Power improves so you know what training strategies are workng.

Track all of
your personal bests
from your 1 second best effort
to best effort over multiple hours.

Power Duration Curve tracks your absolute best performances across every duration.

What does this mean?
Stryd identifies if that grueling windy 5K over steep, rolling hills was harder than the faster 5k over a flat course. You now know whenever you have broken a new personal record.

Compare your
latest performances
against your
all time best efforts.

Power Duration Curve does more than identify your best efforts. 
It lets you compare them too.

You can see how your recent efforts stand up against your all time bests by comparing them on the Power Duration Curve.

Do you know what
you are theoretically
capable of?
We do.

Model Curve predicts out your max capability from 1 second all the way to 90 minutes. You know what you are capable of before you time trial, race, or do a max effort workout.

Ramp your training load
for consistent and
sustainable improvements.

The ‘My Training’ chart plots out your training load by considering running intensity and running duration so you can monitor the load of speedy track intervals directly against your endurance long runs.

You can consistently and sustainable ramp your training load for every training session and race.

Compare your skills
against similar runners
to yourself.

Training Distribution ranks your most important running skills against runners of the same age and race goal to see if you are above average or identify biggest opportunities for improvement.

Learn how to build
explosive Muscle Power,
enduring Fatigue Resistance,
and never-ending Endurance.

Training Distribution chart not only ranks your top skills. It also gives you recommendations how to improve your most important skills.

Quick post-run
insights on Mobile

You will quickly discover opportunities for improvement that you never knew existed with Stryd’s mobile app. You receive insightful analysis after every run — without any hassle or spending any analysis times on your own.

Your training recommendations are always in line with your current fitness.

Predict your race day performance based on your recent training results with Stryd's power-based race calculator.

Stryd measures your fitness over time and automatically adjusts your threshold power.

Track your running stress score over time to smartly plan your training.

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Deep &
meaningful analysis
on Desktop.

Dive deep into your data on Stryd’s PowerCenter platform on your desktop. You can discover trends on your own to find performance opportunities that are unique to you.

Love your data.

Stryd offers robust metrics that do not require advanced knowledge to understand. Benefit from new insights with every run.


Stryd offers superior pace and distance that exceeds the accuracy and consistency of GPS. By measuring your foot's motion, Stryd can report stride-by-stride changes in speed and will even work in areas where GPS cannot.


Power is the single number to guide your training because it factors in your effort when conquering hills and beating fatigue.

Now, Stryd accounts for the effort to overcome windy conditions.


You will know your body better with Stryd's metrics. Stryd can tell you when you are fatiguing before you feel it with leg spring stiffness, form power, cadence, ground time, and vertical oscilation.


Your running stress is measured by Stryd’s unique score and helps you plan your training. Build up your stress resistance and train smarter.


Long Life Stryd's battery lasts. You can run for 2+ weeks without charging Stryd. A continuous running time of 20+ hours means you can even take Stryd along for ultra marathons.

Secure, Yet Flexible Stryd easily clips on to any pair of running shoes via a simple & secure clipping mechanism. If you run with many pairs of shoes, you can transfer Stryd between shoes in seconds.

Precision Accurate pace when changing shoes, surfaces, run form, and speeds with calibrationless technology that typically exceeds the accuracy and consistency of GPS data.

Rugged Stryd is built with a fiber-reinforced housing which keeps it safe in use in over 100 countries worldwide in every imaginable type of running terrain.

Lightweight At 8 grams you won’t even notice it.

Every Run Use Stryd power on the track, trail, road, or on a treadmill for a unified training/racing experience.

Worldwide Shipping | 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Log valuable miles in adverse conditions.

Stryd works in the toughest conditions to ensure that you are logging valuable miles whenever you run.

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