Saturday, September 12, 2020


We would like to use today’s update to highlight the ‘2020 Big Tesuque Trail Run’ virtual run from the Wings of America organization & update the Stryd community on our ongoing efforts to educate ourselves about diversity and inclusion.

About Wings of America

Wings of America is non-profit organization which utilizes running in their American Indian Youth Development Programs to empower Native youth and families across the United States.

Based in Santa Fe, NM, Wings of America derives infinite inspiration from the surrounding Native communities and their rich running histories. Since 1988, our programs have used sport to encourage American Indian youth to look to the future while embracing a past they can be proud of. At full stride, Wings athletes break free from the stereotypes and statistics that stifle the ambition of so many Native youth. Instead, these runners use the opportunities they earn with Wings to show that they are the leaders thinkers, and teachers of tomorrow.


About the ‘2020 Big Tesuque Trail Run’

Over a decade old, the 2020 incarnation of the ‘Big Tesuque Trail Run’ is a virtual race which allows participants run the beautiful ‘to the towers and back’ 12-mile anytime between now and October 3rd, 2020. Race proceeds will support Wings of America programs and the creation of opportunities for Native youth to embrace running as a lifestyle.

Here's how to participate

  1. Register HERE at runsignup.

  2. Record a run using your GPS watch or phone.

  3. Run the towers and back course and stop your watch at the top for as long as you like while taking in the views. Restart your watch before running back down.

  4. Submit your results to the website by October 3rd to have your time listed in the final results.

An update on our team’s diversity and inclusion efforts

Stryd team members with an interest in improving diversity and inclusion have continued to volunteer time each week to learn about and discuss research on a variety of diversity and inclusion topics.

The Stryd Team

Friday, August 7, 2020


We would like to use today’s update to highlight the ‘Run with Billy’ virtual run from the Running Strong for American Indian Youth organization & update the Stryd community on our ongoing efforts to learn about diversity and inclusion.

About Running Strong for American Indian Youth

Running Strong for American Indian Youth is a non-profit organization co-founded by Billy Mills, 1964 Olympic Gold Medalist in 10,000 meters, to support American Indian Youth across the United States.

The organization’s mission statement is as follows:

Running Strong’s mission is to help Native American people meet their immediate survival needs – food, water, and shelter – while implementing and supporting programs designed to create opportunities for self-sufficiency and self-esteem.

About the ‘Run with Billy’ virtual charity run

The ‘Run with Billy’ virtual run was created by Billy Mills as a way to give back to the Native American community & culture that supported his journey to Olympic Gold.

Mills’ victory in the 1964 Olympics has been hailed as one of the greatest moments in Olympic history. You can watch the finish of Mills’ victory here:

The proceeds from the ‘Run With Billy’ 10K and 5K Run/Walk will go on to help raise happy, healthy Native American youth via Running Strong for American Indian Youth’s programs.

Here's how to participate

  1. Sign up for the ‘Run with Billy’ virtual run at the following link before August 9th:

  2. Record a run using your GPS watch or phone.

  3. Submit your results to the website before August 9th to have your time listed in the final results.

An update on our team’s diversity and inclusion efforts

Stryd has formed a diversity and inclusion discussion group that will meet weekly during lunch. These weekly interactions will further help to bring together those of us here at Stryd to focus our continued diversity and inclusion efforts.

The Stryd Team

Friday, July 24, 2020


We would like to use today’s update to highlight a volunteer opportunity with Girls on the Run Rockies, a group we have talked with and who we think is a worthwhile recipient of your help and support.

About Girls on the Run

Girls on the Run Rockies is a 501c3 charitable organization that offers after school running programs for elementary and middle school girls across 130 schools from Pueblo to Fort Collins, Colorado.

The organization impacts the lives of over 6000 girls per year, 70% of whom are eligible for free or reduced lunch. In addition to run coaching, participants also learn important life & emotional skills.

Volunteer Opportunity

The organization is currently recruiting female coaches for virtual & in-person coaching sessions this Fall.

Their goal is to recruit a total of 1200 coaches for this Fall.

The coaches volunteer 2 times a week for 10 weeks. In-person sessions last 75-90 minutes and virtual sessions last 30 to 60 minutes.If you are interested in coaching, you can find the application at the following website: Girls on the Run | Get Involved

New volunteers should sign up before the end of August.

In memory of John Lewis, 1940-2020

Nothing can stop the power of a committed and determined people to make a difference in our society.

- John Lewis, Civil Rights Leader

The Stryd Team

Friday, July 10, 2020


Here is what we're actively doing:

  1. We are evaluating outside expert consultants with the intent of finding help that can best direct our diversity and inclusion efforts.

  2. We are contacting inclusive running groups to see how Stryd can uniquely contribute to their pre-existing efforts.

Please reach out to us at if you have any ideas or suggestions.

The Stryd Team

Friday, June 26, 2020

Our Initial Plan Towards Addressing Inequalities in Both the Technology and Running Industries

Last Friday (in celebration of Juneteenth) we made a commitment to our community and today we present the results of our continued work. Since our statement, Stryd has formed a diversity committee tasked to specifically research potential avenues where we hope to make a difference.

We are conscious of our employee demographics and recognize that we have a lot to learn to ensure our efforts are effective. We have reached out to diversity, inclusion, and equity consultants (The Equity Project). We will be meeting with them as we move forward to both update diversity, inclusion, and equity training within our organization and to incorporate their expertise into our plan of action.

One of the critical things we have learned so far is that this mission will take time and consistent energy. We have put forth our best efforts for our first iteration and we are now asking our fellow Stryders and running community to join us by providing ideas and feedback on how Stryd can make a positive change in BIPOC (Black and Indigenous People of Color) and other underrepresented communities. We have already compiled a list of different approaches designed to make an impact within our community; however, we recognize that, although these ideas may be beneficial, they may not be the most efficient means towards ending systemic racism. By providing us with your ideas and suggestions, we will have a better understanding of what the actual needs are, and how we can most effectively address those needs.

From our first week of work and brainstorming, we have identified 5 possible ways Stryd can support diversity and inclusion. These ideas are not fully developed, but we are committed to pursuing these avenues so long as they are viable.

STRYD Diversity Page

The STRYD Diversity page/website will grow as we ourselves go through these changes and as we take action. This website will contain our accomplishments, pivots, goals, and every step along the way. This is to keep our audience up to date as we continue to take the next stride towards inclusivity, diversity, and equity within our workplace, our community, and around the world.

Running Education

We want to create a reliable source of information to educate prospective runners around the world about the health benefits, ease, and relatively low cost of running. The goal is to promote running as an inclusive exercise & hobby that appeals to all people regardless of race, gender, economic status, and all other barriers.

Community Involvement

Groups including, but not limited to, Black Men Run, Black Girls Run, RUNGRL Co, Wings of America, and Girls on the Run have already made a difference in their communities and have a powerful network of established chapters that extend beyond our immediate reach. We will reach out to these groups to build relationships that ensure direct support to diverse runners.

Our Hiring Process

Some examples include how and where we post our open positions as well as diversity training for the people involved throughout the interviewing and hiring process. It also includes reviewing and modifying the interviewing structure itself. The removal of coded-language is already in practice within our hiring process, but we will more thoroughly review our listings to expand the selection pool of talented individuals independent of race or gender.

Product Design

Product design often focuses on accessibility. We believe going through this process is more broadly applicable, and will identify improvements in the experience we deliver. Microsoft provides a design methodology inline with our considerations.

As previously stated, this mission will not be a short sprint but a sustained effort, and we hold ourselves responsible for taking steps towards achieving our goals. We will post bi-weekly updates on our progress.

Stryd may not have the resources of larger corporations, but we have always had a very supportive and vocal community. We are eager to hear from our audience on how we can help support BIPOC and other underrepresented communities.

Please feel free to leave your ideas and suggestions in the comments section.If you would rather message us directly, please reach out to us at

The Stryd Team

Friday, June 19, 2020

Our Acknowledgement of Systemic Racism and Commitment to Action

Here in the United States and abroad, millions are rallying around the spirit of freedom and liberation on this Juneteenth holiday. We at Stryd would like to publicly state our acknowledgement of the systemic injustices that have collectively disadvantaged Black and Brown members of our society. These barriers are deeply rooted, self-reinforced, and self-repairing. They continue to impact the lives and freedoms of people in our communities.

To those not afforded the privilege of going for a simple run without fearing for their life: we see you.

To those denied the freedom of pursuing their goals along an equitable path: we support you.

We are committed to taking immediate and long-term action. We pledge to work towards reversing the systemic disadvantages facing you.

Next Friday, June 26, we will be posting our plan towards addressing inequalities in both the technology and running industries, and beyond.

Today we declare our responsibility to deliver our part of the change that is desperately overdue.

Stryd is committed to listening, learning, and improving. We welcome your input and further conversation through a new and permanent communication channel. Please reach out to us directly at:

We commit to listening to you.

The Stryd Team