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Next Gen Stryd

Next gen design, materials, and sensors delivering 5x responsiveness and the ability to capture lower body stress, helping you make smarter training decisions.

Working out isn’t about running as hard as you can.

Stryd is a wearable device that clips onto your shoe, and communicates with your running watch to optimally pace you, helping you run the right intensity by alerting you to slow down or speed up in real time.

Execute every run at the right intensity. Run by power.

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Next Generation Stryd

We took Stryd's industry leading power value even further with up to 5x
improved responsiveness and are delivering a new innovative metric Impact
Loading Rate to guide your recovery and sustain your performance.

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Track Lower Body Stress

Track lower body stress, identify danger zones, and find the optimal recovery duration to keep your training momentum with the new Impact Loading Rate metric.
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Up to 5x Responsiveness

The next generation Stryd offers incredibly responsiveness power that truly delivers on the promise of power: one metric to guide your run in any condition.
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Capture the Complete Picture

With next gen sensors, Stryd captures every run with precision including high fidelity sprinting data, for a complete picture of who you are as a runner.
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So how do you use Stryd? It's easy.

Stryd guides you through every run.

1) Open the Stryd app on your watch, and choose a target intensity or select your training plan.

2) Begin your run and speed up to the target intensity (in watts), noted by the green "zone" and hold it for the duration of the lap.

3) Stryd will notify you in real time if you need to speed up or slow down as you encounter hills, wind, or simply lose your focus.

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Upgrade your Garmin watch with Stryd.

Stryd is compatible with all Connect IQ enabled Garmin watches so you can simply load your workout and get running.

Our workout app will notify you to speed up or slow down based on your target intensity.

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Upgrade your Apple Watch with Stryd.

Experience the best of Stryd and elevate your Apple Watch to a top-tier runner's watch.

Get intuitive, voice-guided running workouts, accurate running data, and customized data screens to have the best running experience available on Apple Watch.

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Stryd is compatible with
all major watch brands

Stryd works seamlessly with these other sportswatch brands to
deliver precision and a native run power experience.

Tap the watch of your choice to learn more.

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Stryd includes training tools to
get started right away.

We help you get started with a guided two week "Introduction to
Power" plan that teaches you about running with power. You will find
it easier to pace with every run.

Stryd plans adapt to your progress.

Because Stryd is constantly measuring your ability, plans scale alongside your fitness.

As you improve, the plans get harder. If you take a break, the plans get easier to allow you to ramp back up.

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Track lower body stress to dial in your recovery.

The new Impact Loading Rate metric will help you track lower body stress to help you dial in your recovery and sustain your performance. The patterns in the impact data will enable you to quickly identify and work to recover from large changes in lower body stress.

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Perform your workout with precision.

Stryd's intuitive watch interfaces, and guided workouts make running your workout perfectly easy. Simply follow the cues.

When you're running too hard for a segment we'll notify you to slow down with tones, haptic feedback, and voice instructions*.

*Voice instructions available on Apple Watch.

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Want more guidance? Stryd has
an optional membership.

Access 150+ guided workouts, editable
training plans and a race planning tool that
gives you a personalized target.

A growing library of workouts.

Build your own guided workouts that deliver lap-by-lap instructions or use one of Stryd's 150+ workouts to keep things interesting.

Or create your own training plan with workouts from our library for a custom experience!

*Included as part of Stryd Membership


Optimized race planning for any challenge.

Upload your race course, input the expected weather conditions, and receive a fully customized race plan to guide you to your best performance on race day.

*Included as part of Stryd membership

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Runner's World

“We like the simple number (power) that shows how hard you’re working.”

Global Triathlon Network

“I have found it very valuable in my own pacing and it has just been fun.”


"The Stryd power meter can really help you focus your training and staying in the right zones"


"It’s one of the few devices that I would replace unhesitatingly if I lost it."

Stryders are running faster, longer and stronger.

Our mission has always been to help runners at every level achieve their goals. We know you have more in you and we’re excited to see what you can achieve with Stryd.


Setting Personal Records Again

Without being able to keep an eye on my average pace and by relying solely on my goal power zone, I did:

- a personal record on my half marathon by nearly a minute; my old PR was 4 years ago.

- 26'54" Parkrun: my second fastest to date and third fastest 5k overall. Again, my previous fastest times were 4-5 years ago.

All my best times had been achieved immediately before I got pregnant. After that I had to quit running due to physical reasons and I didn't resume running seriously until this past spring.

More Confidence

Confidence to Trust in Myself 

I’d like to share my success story.  After 12 weeks of a high-volume HM training plan, I tried the PowerRace app today and ran the half marathon. I couldn’t be happier. Stryd predicted I would finish in 1:29:40, which I thought was too ambitious. I managed to finish it in 1:29:55. I improved my PR  by 8 minutes! 14K into the race, I thought that I would not be able to hold the pace. But I did — and I literally finished the run on the last bit of energy I had left. This really gave me the confidence to trust in myself and trust my Stryd. And, I might add, during the power-based training plan, I had a higher weekly volume than ever before, but I never felt overtrained or something.  Really spot on. Kudos to this product.


Knowing how hard to push

There are so many variables in trail ultramarathons. Knowing where I’m at & exactly how hard I can push, removes a big chunk of the guesswork & stress. Power helps me pace & train like no other metric can & my running continues to improve because of it.

Dear Maria Count me in

Back to back PRs

I am 4 for 4!  4 racing distance PRs using Stryd (5K, 10K, 13.1 and 26.2) in the last 2 months.  BQed today and PRed by 10mins in my marathon.  Followed my race watts consistently and had strong legs throughout.  So happy I bought STRYD!!!!

Damien's Testimonial

41 minute PR

I just completed the 88km Comrades Ultra using Stryd. Stryd was absolutely critical to holding back in the first half of the race so I could conserve energy for the second half.
The result? 41 minutes faster than 2017. I set PRs on all the segments in the second half. Thanks, Stryd.

Brian's Testimonial

4 weeks of training, really impressed

Result of a 4-week Stryd HM training plan. Really impressed, especially as I was quite dubious at all the easy running.


Faster with more energy

To my utter surprise, I did not only finish the 18K with tons of energy left (well...a good amount of energy), but I found out that my pace was more than 10s per km faster than I had achieved on the same route in the past. I honestly could not believe this! Not only was the route trickier than I usually would have chosen for an 18K run, but it turned out that I was much faster than usual yet I had more energy left! Running with power took all the mental effort out of my training as I did not have to gauge how fast to go uphill. I just ran, enjoyed the environment, stopped thinking, and I was faster. I am really liking this!

Dan's Testimonial

Amazingly Accurate

Sometimes I can’t believe how accurate Stryd can be. I went out today with the intention of a 10 mile moderate run by feel—not really paying attention to metrics, but was feeling strong early on and the weather was nice, so I pivoted to see if I could beat my half marathon PR since I’ve been training. Still continued to run mostly by feel until the last 2-3 miles or so where it was pretty much all out to maintain pace/output.. so overall a solid trial effort. Knocked 5 mins off my Half time. Now here’s the most interesting part.. avg’d 270W for a finish time of 1:39:11. Out of curiosity, I pulled up race calc in Stryd... suggested 269W with a finish time of 1:39:24. 13 seconds variance! It’s amazing how accurate Stryd is I absolutely love it.

Matt's Testimonial

Ready in Seconds

I’ve been doing the workouts on my Apple Watch and I love how easy it is to just open my Stryd app, sync my workout, and go!

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Start your Stryd Journey Today

Stryd guides you with real-time pacing strategy for race day, a daily training plan optimized for your goals, and optimizes your recovery so you can more easily and quickly achieve your goals.

Buy today or learn more about Stryd’s optional membership, which provides even more run training guidance.