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What does membership include with Stryd?

Build, modify and repeat custom training plans as you work towards a goal.

Stay motivated with 300+ (and growing) workouts delivered to your watch.

Explore how each run is helping you get closer to your goals with post-run insights.

See your progress towards a goal time with Stryd's event planner.

What does membership include with Stryd Duo?

Everything included with Stryd above, plus:

Stryd Footpath, a high-resolution bi-lateral capture of your running movements.

Stryd Footpath tools to visualize and quantify training effects on your running.

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Next Gen Features

Up to 5x Improved Responsiveness

Easily dial into the right intensity in any run condition with up to 5x improved power responsiveness over the previous generation Stryd.

Track Lower Body Stress

With the next gen Stryd, we are introducing a new metric called Impact Loading Rate. This new metric will help you track lower body stress to help you dial in your recovery and sustain your performance.

New Run Profiles

Each profile leverages an innovative combination of tailoring the display on your watch and configuration of your Stryd pod to gather the data and report it to you in the most optimal way.

Sprint Accuracy

The next gen Stryd captures high fidelity sprinting data and tells you how that data informs your overall running capability.

Next Gen Stryd in Clip

Next Gen Design

Aerospace Grade Aluminum Mount

An orange tinged aerospace grade aluminum mounting stabilizes Stryd on the foot to detect the foundational movements of your run.

Double Silicone Anchoring

A redesigned clip features a patterned silicone surface that makes it more stable and anchored to your foot than ever before - even on shoes with unconventional lacing patterns.

Advanced Fiber Material Enclosure

Stryd's enclosure is now comprised 100% coverage of advanced fiber material for a new level of strength and ruggedness.

Stryd Rear Out of Clip

Next Gen Sensors

4x Dynamic Range

There has always been more to discover in your run. With upgraded sensing capability, the next gen Stryd will find it. Stryd's next gen sensors capture your run with 4x dynamic range to pick up even your fastest performances.

6x Sample Frequency

6x sample frequency enables Stryd to look at every step you take in finer detail than ever before.

Hardware Filtering

Improved hardware filtering means the next gen Stryd is capturing everything that matters and discarding what doesn't.

* All improvements are relative to the Stryd Wind foot pod.

Stryd Internals

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Free Running Power eBook With Purchase

With your purchase of Stryd, you will receive a free download of The Fastest Way To Your Next Personal Best: Running Power.

Authors of The Secret of Running, Ron van Megen & Hans van Dijk, teamed up with seasoned writer Koen de Jong to take the science behind running power and condense it into a simple way so runners can apply this knowledge to their training and use it to improve.

This eBook is the perfect way to kick start your journey to running with power and set you up for faster finishing times ahead.

Run With Power Cover

Take the Next Gen Stryd Anywhere

Stryd is light, durable, and secure. It is ready to run with you anywhere you go.



Stryd weighs just 8 grams. It is so light you will not even feel it.


Stryd connects over ANT+ & BLE so you can connect to all the devices you own.

Battery Life

Stryd features 1 month battery life for typical running schedules or over 20+ hours of continual running.

Splash Proof

Stryd is splash proof, so it is safe to use in the rain. Plus, you can easily wash it off if it gets dusty.

Runner’s World

"We like the simple number (power) that shows how hard you’re working."

The Wall Street Journal

"The real payoff comes in long-distance events."

Global Triathlon Network

"I have found it very valuable in my own pacing and it has just been fun."


"A power meter can help you establish and maintain the correct pace, even on courses where establishing the right rhythm is difficult."


"Power gives me actionable data that I can use to improve my running form and performance — without guesswork."


"It's one of the few devices that I would replace unhesitatingly if I lost it."

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